About Us

Independent Baptist Alliance, Inc.

In 1999, Dr. Robert Long saw that there were many Bible believing men that should be and was not being used of God. So being convicted of God to see souls won to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, Dr. Long founded the Independent Baptist Alliance to equip these men with an organization that would back them and help in other ways like ordination, training, etc. Dr. Long knew that doctrinal difference caused these good men to be set on a shelf and not allowed to do the work that God had called them to do in many churches due to this doctrinal difference. In the year 2000, Dr. Long had the Alliance Incorporated; this was the beginning of the Independent Baptist Alliance, Inc. Today we have good men, preachers, teachers, evangelists,etc. in many states and in other countries. Members who pastor churches, operate schools, and other ministries. The Independent Baptist Alliance, Inc. serves these members by providing ORDINATION, EDUCATION, and COMMUNICATION.  Ordination, through an organization like the Independent Baptist Alliance, Inc. opens many doors for our members. Education, the Independent Baptist Alliance, Inc. operates Liberty Bible College & Seminary where our members can  receive an education second to none at a low, low cost. Communication, The Independent Baptist Alliance, Inc. operates LibertyLifeRadio.org where members can fulfill their calling to take the gospel to all of the world at a minimal cost. If you are looking for an organization to minister with, please contact us. We are looking for God-called men to serve with.